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“Marjorie is quite possibly one of the easiest people to work with. Her unsurpassed attention to detail is mind boggling, and with a skill set that rivals most large companies as a whole, she’ll be a true asset to your project. She's helped my organization in so many areas, its difficult to focus on just one. Whether it was copy, project management, or the resumes she’s provided for exiting interns, her work is always exceptional.

For the sake of focus, let’s speak to her resume writing. First off, she’s not just a writer, writing resumes. She’s a writer who also happens to be a seasoned HR professional that writes resumes. And from the start, you’ll notice Marjorie’s thorough approach. It’s not just a couple of questions to help her write a page on you, it’s a custom well- constructed plan, designed to evoke answers that ultimately sell you. After a few minutes listening to her interview, you’ll realize she’s not just writing resumes either; she’s building a concise manifesto on why your future boss just hired you. When a friend, family member, or exiting intern is looking for job, I send them to Marjorie first.

She’s the only person I recommend for hiring decisions, human resources, and above all-- resume writing.”
Jonathon Tsourakis
Founding Partner, Revital Agency


 Marjorie, all the time and  work you put into developing a professional set of documents/profile of my work experience and background has paid off--I got two job offers. I have accepted a job at the company you assisted me with writing thank you notes for. I can without hesitation say that it was the professional resume you developed that got me the initial interview and then the thank you notes that sealed the deal; again, thank you. I start October 1!"        
Human Resource Executive                                                                     

"I was introduced to Marjorie [President of Panoramic Resumes, LLC] through a mutual friend. At our first meeting, I immediately knew that Marjorie was much more then just the total professional. I was looking for guidance in making a career change and Marjorie jumped in at the opportunity to assist me. Her attention to detail and an ability to focus on the necessary processes immediately brought me the results I needed. She kept me on track with a specialized approach that included an additional element of compassion making it easy to stay motivated. I feel lucky to have had an opportunity to both meet and work with Marjorie."                                    Peter, Product Production and Developement Manager


“Marjorie & Panoramic are amazing! The level of service and detail that was put into the entire process was truly impressive. Detail, detail, detail… at the end of our first 1-hr meeting together Marjorie had compiled 12 pages of notes! From start to finish she took a hands-on approach and made certain that I was completely satisfied with the results. Marjorie created a welcoming environment throughout the entire process, and most importantly I found that; she does what she says she will do, when she says she will do it!

I work in the professional development field and am a senior team-member within a firm that provides management consultancy, training, and professional coaching to corporate employees. I hired Panoramic because I thought it was important to keep my career history current, and I knew that having this information down on paper would help establish credibility when working with future clients. I was very pleased with what Panoramic put together; they compiled my professional history and presented it in a way that is both truthful and flattering.

I highly recommend Marjorie and her team!”

Patrick H
Organizational Development and Training Executive
NY Metropolitan Area


“After working with Marjorie Kavanagh, I felt like I was walking into my interview with a personal cheering section at my side.  She truly gave me the confidence and tools I needed to land my dream job - and I did.  I can still hear Marjorie saying, ‘smile and breathe’ whenever I am in a meeting.  She is not a resume writer. She is adream maker.”

Camille S
Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer
NY Metropolitan Area Hospital


“WOW! That is only one word to describe Marjorie. She has gone way above and beyond my call for help and has provided me with the most amazing resume that I could have imagined. I didn't even know everything I had done until our consultation.She has a way of pulling things out of you and putting it on paper to make you look irresistible to potential employers. She is very knowledgeable, precise, professional and creative. If you are in need of career search services, you MUST contact Marjorie before anyone else. You won't be sorry, I promise!”

Mary H
Executive Assistant
Florida Corporation

"After months of applying for jobs and with zero responses, I contacted Panoramic Resumes. After a consultation with Marjorie, Panoramic’s owner, I realized I had a lot more to offer then my current resume reflected.

As a result, Panoramic turned my resume into a masterpiece. With my Panoramic resume and cover letter in hand, I reapplied for a position that I had previously so badly wanted with a major NJ company. Needless to say, I got a call in a few days and was ultimately offered the job. Now I love going to work every day! I have Panoramic Resumes to thank for landing the best career change of my life.”

Thank you Panoramic
Mary F
Executive Assistant
New Jersey Healthcare System


“I never thought I would be in a position to need help getting a job.  After all, I am successful, know what I am doing and people like me.  Nevertheless, I received a tipf rom a friend that I should call Marjorie Kavanagh…because she would change my whole attitude about finding a new job and actually pull out of me the talents and skills I didn’t even know I had.

Marjorie certainly did that and a lot more!  Marjorie not only gave my resume a complete makeover which resulted in more interviews, but she spent a lot of time with me discussing my likes and dislikes, my talents and my shortcomings.  She actually helped me to know and understand myself better and as a result, during my interviews, I presented as a positive, energetic, ready to succeed individual.” 

John D
Legal Counsel
Insurance Industry


"When my company suddenly announced it was closing, I started applying for jobs to no avail.Then a friend referred me to Panoramic Resumes. I worked with Marjorie,Panoramic's owner, who produced a resume, cover letters and letters of recommendation that have proven 100% successful in being selected for interviews. Marjorie also reached out to offer job search advice and even found job leads for me. I am now in a position to ‘select’ the job interviews that are right for me.”

Panoramic works!
James S
Warehouse Manager
Major Newspaper Distributor


"About two months ago, I requested Marjorie Kavanagh to critique and improve my resume.  Her guidance and subsequent resume rewrite led to various requests for interviews from recruiters.  I have since started a new position with the help of Marjorie. Thanks Marjorie!"

Liz B
Real Estate Management Company


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