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LinkedIn is a key source for recruiters to attract and sourcing qualified candidates.  If you are actively looking for a job, you must network yourself on LinkedIn.  

Panoramic Resumes can help you navigate the sometimes time consuming and confusing posting of your social network profile and job board profiles.,, Linkedin and Facebook are just some examples of the most popular sites used for people seeking employment.

In addition, many companies post their job openings on proprietary sites and accept online applications. Panoramic Resumes can help find jobs and leverage your contacts to get introductions to the right people.

Oops! Is there too much of you online?

Statistics show that a majority of recruiters use search engines, like Google, to learn as much as possible about potential employees before making a hiring decision.  Panoramic Resumes can review your online presence and provide guidance as to any content linked to you that may not be deemed business appropriate.

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