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Interview Thank You Letters

If You Want to be Remembered, Say “Thank You”– and Write it Down

Hand-written thank you letters have long been forgotten – but their impact is both impressive and long lasting.  Can you recall every person who sent you an email today? Now, can you recall the last two hand-written thank you notes you’ve received? I'll bet you can.

If you want to be remembered,write a thank you note to every single person you meet during the interview process.   Even if you are not hired for a particular job, you will be remembered by every person who received a letter from you – this could lead to consideration for another opportunity.

Panoramic Resumes will work with you to personalize each and every thank you note. Thank you notes should: thank recruiters or managers for their time and information provided, reference a topic of importance that was uniquely discussed during your meeting, confirm your interest and ability to be successful in the position and provide contact information. 

Say Thank You the “Write” Way

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