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  • Award-winning - named as a LinkedIn ProFinder's Top Resume Writer

    We are certified professional resume writers - with heart.

  • We are customer centric and build confidence.

    Confidence is a game changer throughout the job search process.

  • In-person consultation and availability beyond the work day

    We meet with New Jersey clients in person - it makes a difference. We offer weekend and after work appointments.

  • We define your unique value and personal brand

    And we help you to articulate your value to employers

How Our Coaching Process Work

Coaching is a working engagement between the Coach and the Client in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the Client to maximize personal and professional potential.

It is designed to facilitate the creation/development of personal, professional or business goals and to develop and carry out a strategy/plan for achieving those goals.

Panoramic builds custom coaching programs based on client needs and goals.


Personal Branding

Every single person has a unique personal brand, it’s your reputation and value that you deliver to your target audience.  Through the 360Reach program, we help you understand your personal brand, write a personal branding statement, and make commitments to continue to express and exude your brand with purpose to achieve your goals.

Goal Setting/Self-Assessment – Two (1) hour sessions
Pre work: Take the 360Reach self-assessment and send the same assessment to a minimum of 30 colleagues, professional connections, family, and friends.

Session 1: Clarify goals for work together and your personal professional goals. Review 360Reach self-assessment

Session 2: 360Reach Survey Debrief and action planning. Homework: Develop commitments

Follow up 30 minutes: Review action commitments and set goals.

Investment:  $895


Job Search Coaching

We conduct a full assessment of your job search efforts, evaluate skills, interests, and qualifications, and plot a plan to help you find the role you are seeking.

Strategy, Planning, and Execution.   Commencing a job search is just like any other critical initiative in your professional career, and it's one with vast implications, both immediate and long-term. You can optimize your outcome by mastering each of the four critical steps below that will take you from thinking about your next career move to starting your first day of work at a new rewarding job.

Strategic Planning and Focus.  Determine a clear direction of where you want to go and an understanding of strategies that work. Develop and execute weekly strategies for purposeful goal achievement.

Marketing Communications. We review of your resume, LinkedIn profile, and any other collateral materials to determine if they tell your story and convey your value and brand to employers. It will also be key to ensure that your collateral materials are written and formatted with modern techniques to pass through applicant tracking systems and appear in LinkedIn recruiter searches. (Resume writing and LinkedIn profile development services are offered separately and as part of a package)

Networking.  Networking is key to finding a job. It is the number one way people find new employment.  Today, networking includes social media activities, and building and deepening relationships to build your personal brand

Investment $800:  Minimum four 45-minute sessions @ $200 per


Interview Prep Coaching

There are many nuances to navigating the successful job interview process. Preparation is critical, including understanding employer culture and challenges and current industry news/challenges and possessing the confidence and ability to convey your value and tell your career story.

Investment $600:  Minimum three 45-minute sessions @ $200 per


LinkedIn Strategy Coaching

LinkedIn is a key social platform for promoting your personal brand.  We will review your LI profile to ensure that it represents your personal brand and is keyword optimized for employer/recruiter searches. We will build a custom plan for LinkedIn engagement to help you network and promote your brand.

Investment $800:  Minimum four 45-minute sessions @ $200 per


We are happy to help you achieve your business and career goals.  Please contact us to discuss your interests and needs so that we may build a custom coaching or training program for you. Picture Success!

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About Panoramic Resumes

We are award-winning certified professional resume writers – named to LinkedIn ProFinder’s 2017 Best of Resume Writers. We develop and communicate your personal brand with custom resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters and more. We create customer experiences that build newfound confidence to help you navigate your job search. We offer the consultation advantage of meeting our New Jersey clients in person. It would be a privilege to work with you. Picture Success. Thank you.