Panoramic Resumes, LLC

Executive Coaching

Today, a growing number of professionals across job functions, from front line employees to managers and senior leaders, are forming partnerships with executive coaches to achieve professional development.   

We motivate and help our  clients to develop their ability to learn, uncover personal leadership traits, navigate workplace challenges and make changes changes with confidence. We form confidential and trusting relationships with our clients, creating an environment for honest and straightforward communication. 

We work individually with our clients,  face-to-face or by telephone, in a series of regularly scheduled sessions. The focus of coaching is to help the client develop his/her own answers. A coach will support the client in strategizing solutions, choosing the right direction, building interpersonal skills, and raising self awareness. Coaching doesn’t spend time in the past; it concentrates on where the client is today and how to get where the client wants to be tomorrow.

“The ultimate goal is to help clients develop the skills, knowledge, competence and confidence to succeed in today’s workplace while having a positive impact on their professional and personal lives.” – 

Some benefits that can be attained through executive coaching are: career advancement, professional growth, skill development, reduced work stress, attainment of team member trust and collaboration, acquiring critical human relations skills, fostering team collaboration and developing personal leadership skills.