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Panoramic Resumes offers resume pricing starting from $475.  Contact Panoramic Resumes for a free estimate of customized services.  

Entry Level Resume | Custom Pricing Starting from $475
Just right for college graduates and entry-level employees

Professional Resume | Custom Pricing Starting from $675
Perfect for experienced professionals through middle management

The Executive Resume | Custom Pricing Starting from $775
Expertly crafted to perfection for SVP's, Vice Presidents and Directors

C-Level Resume | Custom Pricing Starting from $875

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And to Paint Your Full Picture...

Add any of the following customer Panoramic Resumes Services to complete your Resume Package.  Special pricing is available for existing and returning clients.  

Cover Letter $150

Panoramic Resumes will craft the perfectly unique cover letter for the job you are seeking - one that will convince the reader to "turn the page" to review your resume.

LinkedIn Profile $475 with Resume / $575 stand alone

LinkedIn is a premium recruiting source for professional recruiters and employers. Whether you are an active or passive job seeker, it is important to develop and promote your brand with a LinkedIn profile. Panoramic Resumes can help you learn how to optimize all of LinkedIn's features and benefits to help you with your job search.

Executive Bio $575

Panoramic Resumes will craft a custom one-page snapshot bio that tells your story. Perfect for consultants, board members and those seeking to establish online profiles.

Interview Preparation $149 per hour

Do it with confidence - it's a game changer. At Panoramic Resumes, we will help you prepare for each interview by covering everything from the basics to “proving” your value and potential for success. No matter how great your resume is, regardless of your successes and perfect qualifications, you must ace your interview(s) to get hired.

Job Search Coaching $149 per hour

At Panoramic Resumes, we partner with you to put you on the right course to land the job you are seeking. Sometimes just starting a job search can be very difficult. We will help you make all the right moves, create strategies and goals and help you feel motivated to reach your finish line. Imagine having a personal coach to help you!  

Interview Thank You Letters $150

Hand-written thank you letters have long been forgotten – but their impact is both impressive and long lasting. Panoramic Resumes will work with you to personalize each and every thank you note.

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Panoramic Resumes is dedicated to helping people with their job search needs. We work with you until you are 100% satisfied. Guaranteed.

Payment in full is required at commencement of services. Payment is accepted through Paypal (Visa, Mastercard). A PayPal invoice will be emailed directly to you. You do not need a PayPal account.

Panoramic Resumes, its employees, agents or representatives will not knowingly work with a client whose intention is to present false information. Likewise, Panoramic Resumes will never intend to present information in a misleading or false manner.

All customers of Panoramic Resumes (herein referred to as the Client) are responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of all job search products (resumes, cover letters, etc). The Client is solely responsible to carefully read, review, proof and confirm the accuracy and truthfulness of documents provided by Panoramic Resumes. Panoramic Resumes is not responsible in any way for any misrepresentations that may result from its’ interpretation/use of information provided by the Client. All Panoramic Resumes’ work product must be reviewed by the client for accuracy and truthfulness.

We are nothing without confidentiality and you can count on this 100% of the time.We will never sell or distribute your information to anyone, nor will we name our clients to anyone . Panoramic Resumes stores your job search documents for free for the sole purpose of being able to provide future services to you in the form of updates and revisions. However, your information will never be distributed to anyone without your written consent.