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How It Works

Personal, Confidential, Customized and Fast

At Panoramic Resumes, we pride ourselves on a personalized approach to resume writing. Remember a time when things were simpler when you called a company requesting service and spoke with a real person right away – and that person had a real name, not a number? And the same person helped you throughout the process until you were satisfied? This is what Panoramic is all about.  We guarantee personal service all the time.

We want you to be successful. We not only want you to get interviews as a result of your resumes, we want you to recognize your abilities and be confident in marketing them during the interview process.

Four Quick and Easy Steps

  1. We conduct an initial consultation with you to secure all information necessary to develop your resume. This is typically a fun experience and most clients say that our consultations are excellent preparation for job interviews. We will establish your goals and discuss your accomplishments and experience, (in quantifiable and competitive context), in order to develop your personal brand.   

  2. We will custom write your resume and deliver it to you within three to five business days of consultation. No forms, templates or outsourcing.  We start with a new screen and build your resume with your personal brand and job target as the basis for content and format.

  3. During our Collaborative Editing meeting, we will edit your resume in real time with share screen technology (No emails back and forth or time delay).  Clients love our collaborative editing approach because it yields a new level of creativity – the icing on the cake for an amazing resume. We hope through this process that you feel ownership for and love your resume – this builds confidence, especially during the interview process. We work together until you provide final approval. No limits.                                                                                                         
  4. Upon your final approval, we will carefully proof and re-proof the final version of your resume and deliver it to you in Microsoft Word and PDF formats.                                                                                                         

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