No Fear. No Limits.

I have a natural curiosity to learn not only about people’s careers, but to fully understand their motivation, work/life philosophy, and what they have learned about both their profession and themselves throughout their life journey.

Inspiration and Acts of Kindness at Work

Those words don’t sound like they would jive in the workplace….but oh how they do! I recently realized just how powerful and long lasting paying it forward can be – across the decades.

Get in the Know....then go with the Flow

Preparation for a job interview is of the utmost importance for success.

Are you Apped to find a Job with your Smartphone?

Don’t wait till you get home to your desktop each day to work on your job search. Search; be active and accessible to recruiters all day by using your Smartphone.

Customer them now and forever!

For some of us, the most perplexing yet important part of job seeking is networking. Because the thought of “networking” (even the word can be off putting) is challenging, I decided to approach it from a different lens – Let’s swap out “networking” for “building (customer) relationships.” This is really what it’s all about because wherever you are in the continuum of your career, establishing and maintaining great relationships will always be essential.

Job Board or Black Hole

With the development of what has come to be known today as, job boards have been around for 18 years - time flies.

The Numbers Panoramic Resumes Blog
*There is a less than 10% success rate finding jobs by way of…

Gentlemen, Say Yes to the Suit and Tie

Many men ask if they should wear a suit and tie to job interviews - Wear a Suit and Tie to a Job Interview. Sorry guys, the unequivocal answer is yes. You must wear a suit and tie to a job interview. The only exception to this is if you are advised by the potential employer not to.

Resumes: What Comes First, Content or Design

When you set out to frame a picture, you look for a frame that will draw you in to see the picture. You wouldn't think of buying a frame without first having a picture in mind for framing. Resumes: What Comes First, Content or Design?

Keep Your Resume Fresh

It's very important to continuously evaluate your resume to ensure it maximizes your value, talents and accomplishments as related to the position (s) you are seeking. No matter how much you may love your resume, it must have the most meaning to potential employers - so keep it fresh based on employer needs.

The Do-It-Yourself Resume

I am going to tell you the secret to writing your own resume.First, how do you decide whether or not to write your resume yourself (DIY) or hire a professional resume writer? Many people on social network sites ask this question all the time.