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How We Picture Success

Our philosophy on resume writing is to first help you by creating a custom resume that demonstrates your unique talents, skills, accomplishments and value to a potential employer.  Then, along the way, our purpose is to lead you to realize your value and help you feel confident in your abilities.  If together we can do this, then it will improve your performance and outcomes during the jobsearch process.

This is a personal collaboration of work between you, the client, and Panoramic Resumes.  How does this get done? Our clients tell us all the time that it is the process and the interaction with us through prompting questions and methods used to develop the job search tools (resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles etc) that result in the bi-product of clients feeling fully prepared and confident in the next steps – the job search and interviews.

Through the resume writing process, we are able to uncover accomplishments, talents and qualities that perhaps clients did not realize or had forgotten over time.

Also, along the way, we interject free advice that other services do not offer. We approach each client with a fiduciary responsibility to provide as much advice and direction as possible during the resume writing process.

This results in a new confidence and motivation for you.

This is how we Picture Success!
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