Panoramic Resumes, LLC

Marjorie Kavanagh | Founder and President


I view my job as both a privilege and personal responsibility to provide you with the best guidance and tools to land your dream job!

I turned the tables on myself - moved from the hiring side as an HR executive to realizing my true passion of working one-on-one with people to provide the motivation and newfound confidence in landing not just any job, but a job they love.

Confidence is a game changer! I have an unwavering commitment to community service and love to help individuals springboard  into meaningful and rewarding employment - whether they are in transition, advancing their professional development or are launching a career.

My best days off are long summer days in Lavallette, NJ with family.  I love the sights and sounds of - well everything! 

My Busiest day of the week is Friday!! Year round the phone rings off the hook on Friday afternoons!

Other jobs I've loved include a serendipitous role as Operations Director with a digital marketing agency and a consulting engagement with a highly celebrated professional racing team.

Running! Love to finish the work day with an inspirational run for the day to come.

You can find me on LinkedIn and LinkedIn ProFinder